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Compassionate Listening Makes You a Better Leader: 7 Listening Tips

When was the last time you really listened to someone? When was the last time someone really listened to you? Has it been a while? Do you remember how you felt after that conversation?

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Why New Leaders Make the “Villain Assumption” Plus 4 Ways to Make the Hero Assumption Instead

Do you ever think, “I don’t think this person cares about doing good work.” This is the Villain Assumption. Good leaders make the Hero Assumption instead.

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The Future of Work: 5 Ways Leadership Will Change in an AI Economy (Part 2)

There are 5 ways work will change in an AI economy. In our last post we looked at the ways AI and new technology is likely to impact our workplaces. Bottom line: work will change a LOT over the next 5-10 years

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The Future of Work: 5 Ways Leadership Will Change in an AI Economy

How are technology and artificial intelligence changing the future of work? In big ways. This means big challenges – and opportunities – for leaders.

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Simple Positive Affirmations for Work to Transform Your Team

While Stuart Smalley may be the king of positive affirmations, I’ve been talking about positive affirmations for work a lot more than usual the last few weeks…

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The Growth Paradox

Everyone wants growth.

We want growth in our personal lives, as parents, and in our friendships. We want to grow in our professional lives, as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and front-line employees.

The desire for growth lies deep down in each of us. It just makes sense that it is a key goal for most businesses. But growth, in and of itself, is not without its challenges. Chris Zook, partner at Bain & Co. and co-author of The Founder’s Mentality put it this way:

“Growth creates complexity, and complexity is the silent killer of growth.”

Employee Engagement and Leader Approachability: New Gallup Research

New Gallup research proves the relationship between leader approachability and employee engagement.

If you want to improve engagement there is really only one place to look – your supervisors. Gallup’s most recent report, State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, found that:

“Managers account for up to 70% of variance in engagement.”

And there’s the rub.

How Dollar Shave Club Taught a $1 Billion Lesson in Disruption

Earlier this week, Unilever purchased Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion.

Here’s a quick background on the two companies.

Unilever is the owner of big name home care, food, refreshment, and personal care brands like Dove, TRESemme, Vaseline, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, the list goes on. Employing over 172,000 people, it is the third-largest consumer goods company in the world. The beginnings of the company date back to the early 1870s when two family businesses were just getting up and running. One in the exporting butter business. The other in the homemade soap and grocery store business. In 1929, the two businesses merged to create what we now know as Unilever.

Dollar Shave Club began operations in 2011, but they didn’t really start gaining steam until they released this video in 2012.

Why You Should Celebrate More with Your Team

Yes. Celebrate.

High fives. Atta girls. Good job milkshakes. 4 o’clock happy hours.

It can be anything. What matters is that you celebrate. Celebrate the great work your folks do every day. Tell them often. It’s so simple but we don’t do it. Instead we take our terrific employees for granted. Not always, of course. When we do take time to think about it, we find ourselves being grateful for the incredible work everyone does. The problem is we’re busy. It’s hard to find that moment to sit back and just be grateful. And even when we do, we forget to mention it to the employees we’re feeling grateful for. Then we’re singing a Joni Mitchell ballad…

“….You Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)…”

But forget about turnover. Just think about production.

Here are four reasons you should be celebrating more with your team.

Brexit Hits Home | Approachability Minute

On June 23rd, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. As I’ve watched Brexit play out, I couldn’t help but notice that there’s a leadership lesson in all of this.

The Science Behind Building Trust at Work

Creating a culture of trust decreases chronic stress and improves productivity, creative problem solving, and job satisfaction. This, according to Paul J. Zak, a professor at Claremont Graduate University and chief science officer at Ofactor. Zak began his research in...

Leadership Lesson Out of the Orlando Shooting

It’s been almost three weeks since the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

In the days and weeks following events such as these, we often find ourselves looking to our leadership – our political representatives, our church leaders, the heads of houses. In essence, we all want someone we can look to for comfort. Someone who can help us find clarity or sort through our own emotions. These are the things that matter in moments of extreme grief, anger, and misunderstanding.

The problem is many of our leaders fail to do this.

Emotional Intelligence: 7 Reasons to Start Hiring for It

Emotional Intelligence. What is it? And why do we need it? According to Psychology Today, emotional intelligence is "the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others." It is generally said to include three skills: Emotional awareness,...

Why You Shouldn’t Seek Perfection From Your Team

Sure, perfection is great. But what does it cost you?

Think about the last lesson you learned.

No. Not that that one. I’m talking about the one you really learned – the hard way. What happened? Did it change you?

Apply that sort of logic to your employees, your business. We learn best from our mistakes. Our most notable moments of growth stem from our failures.

Forbes has this group called The MPW Insiders where influential people provide answers to important business questions. A couple week ago, the question was: How do you embrace imperfection as part of professional development? Rachel Mendelowitz, managing partner at McChrystal Group, was the influential person of the day. Here’s her take.

Muhammad Ali | Approachability Minute Last week we lost Muhammad Ali. He personified approachability. Even though Ali was a big, powerful man he always looked for ways to shrink distance between himself and others. In today's Approachability...

Workplace Stress Costs Companies $300 Billion a Year

Workplace stress is bad for business and bad for workers.

This, according to recent research compiled by Eastern Kentucky University’s Occupational Safety Department. This new research supports something we’ve emphasized for a while (it is a core topic of our White Paper on The ROI of Approachable Leadership).

Here’s the deal.

Businesses are run by people. Plain and simple. People are emotional, even those of us who have a hard time showing it. We have families, friends, debt, yards to mow, meals to prepare, cars to fix, the list goes on and on (I feel my blood pressure rising just writing that sentence). We have responsibilities – things life requires of us. Then we have jobs. And with a job comes another endless list of more responsibilities.

4 Reasons Why Leaders Should Listen More

Listen more. Talk less. Peter Drucker said, "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." I was reminded of this quote last week while reading "4 Things Your Employees Are Desperately Trying to Tell You." This article caught my eye for the...

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Great Interactive Session, New Techniques

"I recently attended the Approachable Leadership Session with Phil Wilson at the CUE Conference in Denver. It was a great session. I loved the interactive sessions, they really help you learn some new techniques. Phil does a great job involving the participants and keeping everything moving at a great pace. I am so enthralled with this training that I brought Phil to our location to put my troops thru the paces for approachable leadership!"
Laurie Galmeyer, Director of Human Resources, ETFN

Masterful Approach Captured Audience

“Phil is masterful in his approach and paints a compelling vision. He has the ability to capture an audience’s attention and take them on a journey through images and anecdotes. Whether you have 1 or 100 supervisors in your organization, I would recommend Phil Wilson’s “Approachable Leadership” session. And learning how to live longer and make more money wasn’t so bad either.” 
W. Alex Koch, Manager of Positive Associate Relations, TJX

Demystifies Leadership, Use Lessons Every Day

“Your workshop  demystified what connecting with another human being – whether an employee, client, or spouse – can be like.  I’ve used his 3-question strategy every day, both in my personal and professional relationships, to become a better coach, sister, and friend.”

Lori Broyles, Business and Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator, Francis Tuttle Technology Center

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