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Shrinking Power Distance Gaps Tool
(see pages 24-26  in The Playbook)

Approachability Window Tool
(see pages 36-39  in The Playbook)

The “Right Space” Tool
(see pages 44-45  in The Playbook)

Active Listening Tool
(see pages 57-59  in The Playbook)

Empathy SLC+C Tool
(see pages 65-67  in The Playbook)

Follow Up and Follow Through Tool
(see pages 75-77  in The Playbook)

The “Walk a Mile” Tool
(Bonus Tool – not included The Playbook)

3-Questions Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

One on One Agenda
(Bonus Tool not in The Playbook)

Recognize Approachability Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

Gripes Are Great Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

Win Know Show Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

The Approachability Playbook:
3 Essential Habits for Thriving
Leaders and Teams

Buy the Playbook

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Only $12.99 per copy (10 or more books are
$9.99 each – use the coupon code BUY10 at checkout).

  • Do you struggle to keep your team motivated?

  • Do some team members avoid you—are there some you avoid?

  • Do you wish your folks made more suggestions or took more initiative?

The Approachability Playbook reveals 3 essential habits the best leaders use to build thriving teams. This 106-page, high quality paperback (includes a FREE digital copy) is full of practical, ready-to-use tools and templates including:

  • PAGE 36 teaches a simple process to get your employees to open up and help you build stronger relationships;
  • PAGE 24 introduces a practical tool to help you recognize gaps with coworkers (plus tips on how to “shrink the gap”);
  • PAGES 26, 38, 58 and 66 contain scripts you can use to transform work relationships (these are deceptively simple – but they work!)

Get copies for your whole team!

What people are saying about Approachable Leadership:

“Immensely readable, practical guide.”

If you care about the people who work for you and want to bring out the best in them, read Phil Wilson’s Approachability Playbook. It is an immensely readable, practical guide to becoming a better boss, and it will make you think and laugh as you turn the pages.

William Hartman

Director Employee Relations, Boeing

“Indispensable. Research
plus practical exercises.”

The Approachability Playbook is a rare find for those developing leadership skills in ourselves and others. Phil Wilson hits the right combination of research insight with practical guidance and exercises to make this read an indispensable part of any leader’s skill debelopment toolbox.

Mark Floyd

Sr. Director, Global Labor Relations, Uber

“Brilliantly digestible.”

Phil… BRAVO! The way you have so simply illuminated the concept of approachability is brilliantly digestible, leaving the reader a sizable portion of, “I can do this.” The Approachability Playbook gravitates to the top when it comes to practical actions you can take to get the best out of your workplace interactions.

Scott Purvis

Vice President, Human Resources, Lowe's

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