What does it mean to lead with purpose?

Kind of hard to answer, isn’t it? That’s because in a lot of ways, it’s individual. To the leader. To his goals. And to the company’s mission. What challenges are you and your teammates facing today?

All of these considerations help to determine what a leader’s purpose might be at any given moment in time. But one thing is for certain: To be a great leader, one must have a clear purpose.

This is what is so compelling about Nathan R. Mitchell’s podcast, Leading with Purpose. Mitchell is founder of Clutch Consulting and a Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team.

In his podcast, Mitchell speaks with experts about topics like “The Truth About Workplace Culture” and “How to Become a More Authentic, Vulnerable, and Mindful Leader.” Even something we all know a little about: “What Does it Mean to be an Approachable Leader.”

That’s right! We’re excited to share that Mitchell interviewed Phil in Episode #26 of his podcast. It was a great conversation and we hope you’ll all make some time to check it out.

Leading with Purpose Podcast

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