Wilson Quoted on Subject of “Horrible Bosses”

Wilson Quoted on Subject of “Horrible Bosses”

In a recent MainStreet.com article, “21 Things Horrible Bosses Do That Ruin Companies and Make People Quit,” LRI’s Phil Wilson provided several examples:

1. He isn’t specific with feedback.

If your boss consistently throws out terms such as “Awesome work!” or “Way to go, chief,” he’s basically telling you he doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

“He’s just checking the box, ‘I said ‘go team’ and now I can relax,'” Wilson says.

2. He shoots the messenger.

Leaders who shoot the messenger are the ones who find themselves saying, “Why doesn’t anyone tell me anything? Why am I out of the loop?” Wilson says. “They don’t realize that people are purposefully trying to avoid them and that they’re completely detached from their staff.”

17. He tries to motivate through money or perks. 

“It’s a power thing. Your boss is basically saying, ‘I have the ability to give you good or bad things depending on what I want.”

18. He abuses his power.

He may say such things as “You’re lucky to have a job in this economy” or “If you don’t like it here, there’s a McDonald’s down the street and you can go to work there.” He’s basically taking every opportunity to remind you that he has the power to fire you, Wilson says.

20. She’s unapproachable.

She may always keep her door closed, or perhaps she chooses to read email instead of making eye contact when you’re having a meeting, Wilson says.

“In the worst cases, she’s going to be standing there talking to you and take a phone call and just walk away, completely ignoring you,” he says.

LRI believes this is the foundation for excellent leadership, and is investing heavily in helping companies develop a corps of “approachable leaders,” starting at the front line level.

Wilson Quoted on Subject of “Horrible Bosses”

Phil Wilson Quoted in MainStreet.com

LRI’s Phil Wilson was sought by MainStreet.com for his insight into workplace engagement. In an article entitled “Why Working In a Cubicle Is So Demoralizing and Workers Are Demanding More,” Phil explained how to front-line supervisors can stop the “negative domino effect” of disengagement that can spiral out of control.

Phil recently released “Left of Boom: Putting Proactive Engagement To Work,” and is working on the forthcoming “Approachable Leadership.”

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