About Phillip B. Wilson

Phillip B. Wilson learned about leadership the hard way: by watching leaders (including himself) face-plant again and again. He is the Founder and Chief Evangelist of Approachable Leadership, a leadership consulting firm.

For over 20 years Phil has helped thousands of companies survive – and triumph over – life-or-death employee relations disasters. Over and over, he’s been an eyewitness to leadership train wrecks. After all, your employees don’t just wake up one morning deciding that the only thing missing from their life is that they’re not a Teamster!

Over years of watching what doesn’t work (including a lot of traditional leadership advice) he’s stumbled upon what he calls “the One Ring of leadership,” approachability. Yeah, he’s a nerd.

Like all business owners, Phil is a leader too. He is an EO member and owner of an Inc. 5000 consulting business. Before that he was a labor lawyer and HR Director of a riverboat casino (really!) – he has struggled through the same leadership challenges each of us face every day.

Phil is a national expert and author of multiple books on leadership and creating positive workplaces where employees are enthusiastic to cooperate, innovate, and go above-and-beyond every day. He’s a highly sought after speaker known for his unique blend of humor, hard research, and poignant stories that illustrate the power of approachability in work and life.

Phil has been called on multiple occasions to testify before Congress as an expert on union financial reporting and labor law reform. Wilson graduated magna cum laude from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

When he isn’t talking about leadership in the business media like Fox Business News, Fast Company, Bloomberg News, HR Magazine,and The New York Times, you can find him hiking in the Ozark mountains, nerding out over a game of chess, or coaching his daughter’s middle school debate team (which is also pretty nerdy).

About Labor Relations Institute, Inc.

LRI helps clients create positive and productive workplaces while strengthening direct relationships with employees. LRI is best known for educating employees during NLRB union election campaigns. LRI also helps companies create positive workplaces by assessing vulnerability, directing workplace improvement, and training line-level leaders to create healthy, high-performing organizations.


Phillip B. Wilson


(800) 888-9115

Approachable Leadership

7850 S. Elm Place – Suite E

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74011

(918) 455-9995

phillip b. wilson

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