Download The Approachability Playbook Leadership Tool Kit

Here is what you’ll find inside the Tool Kit:

Bookmark this page and check back regularly as we add tools and update them based on your feedback.
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Shrinking Power Distance Gaps Tool
(see pages 24-26  in The Playbook)

Approachability Window Tool
(see pages 36-39  in The Playbook)

The “Right Space” Tool
(see pages 44-45  in The Playbook)

Active Listening Tool
(see pages 57-59  in The Playbook)

Empathy SLC+C Tool
(see pages 65-67  in The Playbook)

Follow Up and Follow Through Tool
(see pages 75-77  in The Playbook)

The “Walk a Mile” Tool
(Bonus Tool – not included The Playbook)

3-Questions Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

One on One Agenda
(Bonus Tool not in The Playbook)

Recognize Approachability Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

Gripes Are Great Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

Win Know Show Tool
(Bonus Tool – not in The Playbook)

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