During the Approachable Leadership Workshop Your Leaders Will:

  • Practice and get comfortable using approachability behaviors;

  • Deal with obstacles and roadblocks they will encounter on their approachability journey;

  • Understand the importance of follow-through and how to handle situations they can’t fix;

  • Identify opportunities to apply approachability as soon as they leave the workshop;

  • Choose a co-mentor to work with and support them as they build their “approachability muscle memory”

The Approachable Leadership Workshop – The Second Step in Your Approachability Journey

The Approachable Leadership Workshop is the start of your team’s approachability journey. This half-day, experiential learning gives leaders a chance to dive deep into the behaviors and skills that set Approachable Leaders apart from the rest. During each Workshop you get a chance to practice and coach others on what works – and what doesn’t. You finally commit to work with at least one other learner after class on applying what you learned in your daily practice at work and at home. The Workshop is the first step in the Approachable Leadership Learning System (ALLS). The ALLS is a series of 12 additional learning experiences, each focused on a different leadership skill or behavior taught through the lens of the Approachable Leadership model. Click to learn more about the learning system and the adult learning design principles we use in all of our training experiences.

Learning Design

An effective learning experience isn’t a one-time “event” or class. For learning to really impact daily behavior it must be repeated and focus on practical “chunks” of learning that can be implemented easily and built over time. The Approachable Leadership Learning System has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest adult learning design principles. We call these learning chunks “active intervals” and you can think of them like “reps” you add when trying to get stronger in the gym, track or the pool. Whether you take advantage of the live Workshop, live Learning System Modules, or a Self-Directed Learning Experience (coming soon), each Approachable Leadership learning experience builds in the following key “active interval” design elements.

  • Advance Reading
  • Checking in Quiz
  • Presentation of Concepts
  • Student Worksheet
  • Practical Exercises
  • Action Planning
  • Co-Mentoring
  • Post-Testing
  • Active Interval Reinforcement

Advance Reading

About one week prior to the module, the learner receives a short reading assignment. This starts the student thinking about the core concept for that module. This might be a link to a short video or an article online.

Student Worksheet

Each module is built on an infographic that contains all of the content, models, exercises, diagrams, forms and checklists used in the module. This is completed during the learning event and is a handy way to review material and reference after the learning event.


Whenever possible learners are paired with other classmates to engage in the action planning process together. In addition to coaching each other they commit to be “accountability partners,” increasing the likelihood each will implement the skills learned.

Checking In Quiz

Just prior to the start of the class (or at the beginning of a live class session) students take a short quiz designed to heighten awareness of key terms, assess familiarity with the subject matter, and increase motivation to learn.

Practical Exercises

Learners will engage in one or more exercises designed to provide an opportunity to engage in the skills learned, or to use some of the tools and resources provided. This also gives learners a chance to watch and coach others, a critical way to cement new skills and behaviors.


A post-session quiz, similar to the pre-training “Checking In” quiz, is used to test the learner’s grasp of the concepts and build confidence in the new skills.

Presentation of Concepts

Presentations can be delivered by a live trainer at your location, on a live webinar, or in an online learning experience. This is where module content is reviewed, including open discussion, practice exercises, polling, videos, and other media.

Action Planning

Learners plan concrete next actions learners to take new skills and behavior into the workplace. Each participant is encouraged to anticipate obstacles and to observe and track progress. This is often done with a co-mentor who serves as an accountability partner.

Active Interval Reinforcement

After the training learners receive a series of emails to remind and reinforce key concepts, spaced over several months. Each includes brief, helpful tips to additional articles, resources, and exercises that reinforce and re-engage use of key learnings.

What Our Customers Say:

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what other Approachable Leaders have to say:

“Phil is masterful in his approach and paints a compelling vision. He has the ability to capture an audience’s attention and take them on a journey through images and anecdotes. Whether you have 1 or 100 supervisors in your organization, I would recommend Phil Wilson’s “Approachable Leadership” session. And learning how to live longer and make more money wasn’t so bad either.”
W. Alex Koch

Manager of Positive Associate Relations, TJX

“Your workshop demystified  what connecting with another human being – whether an employee, client, or spouse – can be like.  I’ve used his 3-question strategy every day, both in my personal and professional relationships, to become a better coach, sister, and friend.”

Lori Broyles

Business and Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator, Francis Tuttle Technology Center

“I recently attended the Approachable Leadership Session with Phil Wilson at the CUE Conference in Denver. It was a great session, the content and the materials really help you think about your leadership skills and where you can grow. It also makes you think about the leadership in your organization and how you can apply this when you get back to “real life”. I loved the interactive sessions, they really help you learn some new techniques. Phil does a great job involving the participants and keeping everything moving at a great pace. I am so enthralled with this training that I am currently working to bring Phil to our location to put my troops thru the paces for approachable leadership!

Laurie Galmeyer

Director of Human Resources, ETFN

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