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Do You Really Want to Lead Others?

Do You Really Want to Lead Others?

Not everyone wants to lead others. When you were promoted to a leadership position did anyone ask, “Do you want to lead others?” It’s an interesting question. What if your truthful answer is no – would you be honest? Because in most companies... read more
Phil Featured in AMA Quarterly

Phil Featured in AMA Quarterly

Check out Phil’s feature article “Are You the Reason Your Employees Are Leaving?” in the Spring edition of the American Management Association’s Quarterly Journal (page 39). The article dives into the research and thought process behind... read more
10 Leadership Books I’m Adding to My Shelf

10 Leadership Books I’m Adding to My Shelf

Leaders are readers. This is a truth affirmed over and over again by the great leaders of the world – Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Ghandi – but the one that got me recently was John W. Gardner. Gardner was “a legendary public intellectual... read more
6 Leadership Styles: Which One Are You?

6 Leadership Styles: Which One Are You?

What’s your leadership style? Last month Entrepreneur published an interesting article that describes six different leadership styles. The styles were described by Tor Cosantino, who assessed himself as a Pacesetter, only to find out that his peers classified... read more
Approachability Minute – Nerdy T-Shirt

Approachability Minute – Nerdy T-Shirt

Human preferences change over time. This is the major critique the Austrian School of economics makes against the Keynesian School. Which brings us to the nerdiest t-shirt I own. It also brings up an important point about leadership. Do you have any preferences that... read more
Approachability Minute – Prince

Approachability Minute – Prince

  It’s been a week and a half since Prince passed away at his home in Minnesota. Like most 80’s kids, I completely owe my experience and love of music to Prince…I literally wore out my Purple Rain cassette tape. So as you can imagine, when I... read more
10 Qualities of a Real Leader

10 Qualities of a Real Leader

What’s the recipe for a “real leader?”

Many companies today are cursed with bosses who aren’t leaders.

While companies should always strive to put true leaders into authority positions, sometimes you find bosses who aren’t real leaders. Fortunately you can also have leaders who don’t hold an “official” leadership role. These “informal leaders” are some of the most valuable people in your organization.

read more
5 Sources of Social Distance in the Workplace

5 Sources of Social Distance in the Workplace

Social Distance Can Really Disrupt Your Work One of the foundations of Approachable Leadership is the idea of “power distance” (click here to read how power distance destroyed Nokia). Power distance describes how different people react to people in power.... read more

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What Others Say About Approachable Leadership

Here is what others have to say about recent Approachable Leadership Keynotes and Workshops.

Great Interactive Session, New Techniques

"I recently attended the Approachable Leadership Session with Phil Wilson at the CUE Conference in Denver. It was a great session. I loved the interactive sessions, they really help you learn some new techniques. Phil does a great job involving the participants and keeping everything moving at a great pace. I am so enthralled with this training that I brought Phil to our location to put my troops thru the paces for approachable leadership!"
Laurie Galmeyer, Director of Human Resources, ETFN

Masterful Approach Captured Audience

“Phil is masterful in his approach and paints a compelling vision. He has the ability to capture an audience’s attention and take them on a journey through images and anecdotes. Whether you have 1 or 100 supervisors in your organization, I would recommend Phil Wilson’s “Approachable Leadership” session. And learning how to live longer and make more money wasn’t so bad either.” 
W. Alex Koch, Manager of Positive Associate Relations, TJX

Demystifies Leadership, Use Lessons Every Day

“Your workshop  demystified what connecting with another human being – whether an employee, client, or spouse – can be like.  I’ve used his 3-question strategy every day, both in my personal and professional relationships, to become a better coach, sister, and friend.”

Lori Broyles, Business and Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator, Francis Tuttle Technology Center

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