Phil Chimes In On Retention Strategies

Phil Chimes In On Retention Strategies

HR Certification Institute blog contributor Clair Chiappetta reached out to Phil to discuss some retention tips in the Sept. 4, 2019 post titled, “Did You Set Someone Up For Failure?” Agreeing with the author about the significance of retention, Phil noted, “When you finally find a great employee and get them into your company, there’s really no room for error to disappoint their expectations or to put them in a position where they aren’t going to be successful.”

Read the article to see if the three strategies discussed might be of value to you!

Phil Interviewed on Leading with Purpose Podcast

Phil Interviewed on Leading with Purpose Podcast

What does it mean to lead with purpose?

Kind of hard to answer, isn’t it? That’s because in a lot of ways, it’s individual. To the leader. To his goals. And to the company’s mission. What challenges are you and your teammates facing today?

All of these considerations help to determine what a leader’s purpose might be at any given moment in time. But one thing is for certain: To be a great leader, one must have a clear purpose.

This is what is so compelling about Nathan R. Mitchell’s podcast, Leading with Purpose. Mitchell is founder of Clutch Consulting and a Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team.

In his podcast, Mitchell speaks with experts about topics like “The Truth About Workplace Culture” and “How to Become a More Authentic, Vulnerable, and Mindful Leader.” Even something we all know a little about: “What Does it Mean to be an Approachable Leader.”

That’s right! We’re excited to share that Mitchell interviewed Phil in Episode #26 of his podcast. It was a great conversation and we hope you’ll all make some time to check it out.

Leading with Purpose Podcast

Click here to go directly to the show notes page. The episode is also available to listen to on iTunes.

Phil on Leveraging Learning Outcomes

Phil on Leveraging Learning Outcomes

Cost versus benefit analysis can be tricky when it comes to learning and development. Especially when you’re dealing with things like behavior and leadership. We know this first hand. It’s one of the biggest concerns of any of our potential clients. As it should be.

The way we see it is:

The question isn’t just, “Can these learning outcomes be measured?” It’s also, “Once measured, what is the correlation between those results and our desired business goals?”

Lucky for all of us, Phil has about twenty years under his belt honing this exact process. He shines some light on it in an article for Developer Academy. Click here to check out “How to Leverage Pre- and Post- Learning Assignments.”


Phil Wilson Quoted By The Economist

Phil Wilson Quoted By The Economist

“Leaders who rely on power get burned, and yet, many of them rely on position or formal authority to get things done.”  Phil Wilson was responding to questions about bad habits executives can fall prey to.

Terri Williams, writing for the Executive Education Navigator, an executive education site run by The Economist magazine, reached out to Phil for his insight into leadership habits. The article identifies 4 bad habits, among them the reliance on positional authority. Phil enumerates some of the dangers of this approach, and explains that “relying on formal authority—versus relationship—increases ‘power distance’ and creates gaps with your team.”

It is a quick read and a worthwhile article.

Phil Quoted in Fast Company Article on Employee Motivation

Phil Quoted in Fast Company Article on Employee Motivation

Phil Quoted in Fast Company Article on Employee Motivation

Fast Company’s recent article “The Link Between Employee Motivation and Their Manager’s Mental State” dives into a new study from the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes that looked at how a leader’s mindset affects his or her team’s performance.

What the study found is that “bosses can modify their mindset to produce a certain outcome from workers, whether that’s innovation or a more conservative work focus aimed at meeting basic obligations and preventing errors.”

Stephanie Vozza, author of the Fast Company piece, broke down these two basic leader mindsets – innovative versus promotion focused – with the help of Christopher Porter, professor of management at Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and our very own Phil Wilson of Approachable Leadership.

Check the article out here.

Phil Teaches 4 Execution Habits at Leadership Event

Phil Teaches 4 Execution Habits at Leadership Event

Last week, Phil delivered a keynote for the Arbuckle Area SHRM chapter and the Southern Oklahoma Leadership Luncheon. The topic? Follow up and follow through.

“The real place where the rubber meets the road as a leader is, do I actually do what I say that I’m going to do, or, do I overcommit and say I’m going to do a lot of things and don’t actually follow through on it?”

This is where the Approachable Leadership COPE method comes in: Capture, Organize, Prioritize, and Execute.

Check out this article in the Daily Ardmoreite to learn more.

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